About us

We are a team based out of Pune, with a mission to transform touring in India. At heart, we’re organizing tours that: offer a better value for money, are experiential, are ecofriendly, and take you places that others don’t!

We offer both budget and luxury tours but if we can fit a tour that’s cheaper than a luxury tour but offers you more, we’d do that also! We don’t believe in going to places that everyone else goes to – if you really wanna go, yes we’ll take you there! But we’re here to take you to places that others won’t take you to!

We hate plastic! Like you! And we encourage all our guests to carry their own water bottles and avoid purchasing mineral water bottles during the tours! We also organize a lot of outdoor lunches/dinners and don’t leave trash back! All our outdoor lunches are served on biodegradable plates and bowls!

While doing all this, we try as best as we can to make sure locals benefit from our tours! Join us as we make our humble efforts to make travel in India more responsible, affordable, and sustainable!